Odysseyware Academy Accreditation

Odysseyware Academy is accredited through Cognia, the world's largest educational community with over 32,000 public and private schools.

Frequently Asked Questions about Accreditation

Q: What is accreditation?

A: Accreditation is verification by an outside agency that a school is meeting the expectations it has communicated to the public, relating to its purpose. Only the educational institution itself can be said to be accredited, not its curriculum or teachers, although these do receive consideration during the accreditation process.


Q. Does accreditation guarantee that credits earned through Odysseyware Academy will transfer to another high school?

A: There is no accreditation that guarantees transfer of high school credits from one state to another; however, most public high schools may accept credits earned through Odysseyware Academy, thanks to the recognition provided by Cognia. The exceptions, if there are any, are districts with policies of not accepting credits from schools outside their own state or from distance learning schools.


Q. Will Odysseyware Academy accreditation get my student into the college of choice?

A: Accreditation by Cognia certainly helps; however, college acceptance ultimately depends on each college's admission process and how attractive your student is as a candidate, based on grades, ACT or SAT scores, and other considerations.