Getting Started at Odysseyware Academy

Registration Steps at Odysseyware Academy

Odysseyware Academy offers you a free one-on-one pre-registration consultation with an educational specialist. For more information on distance learning options available to you and your student, simply give us a call at 888-866-4989.


Registration is the initial step of preparing your student for enrollment at Odysseyware Academy. call us at 1-888-866-4989to register your student and pay for courses.


After completing registration and placement, your student is enrolled in Odysseyware Academy as either a full-time or a part-time student, and curriculum access is granted.

A School Year at Odysseyware Academy

Day to Day (Online Curriculum)

Odysseyware Academy's course offerings include engaging, media-rich curriculum. To enhance student learning, our online curriculum comes complete with interactive exercises, movies, animations, and audio clips. Plus, with its instant grading feature, Odysseyware Academy's online curriculum offers immediate feedback regarding the student's progress.

Odysseyware Academy's teachers grade paragraph answers, essays, and projects associated with students' lessons. Any grading or comments made by the teachers are transferred back to students simultaneously.

Communication between teachers and students is accomplished on two levels within the curriculum system. Notes can be left in the general message box, or comments can be made directly on the problems themselves. Additionally, students can communicate with their teachers via email, chat, or telephone.