Individualized Online Curriculum

Anyplace. Anywhere. Anytime.

Your students can learn in the classroom, at home, or on the road. Web-based and media-rich, our curriculum was created for students in grades 3-12 and can be accessed anytime through any Internet-connected personal computer or Mac®. With no walls to limit it, Odysseyware Academy's online curriculum opens the doors to a whole world of learning.

Lessons Come Alive

Imagine your students watching, hearing, and experiencing a lesson, instead of just reading it! When they log on to our 21st century curriculum, they find an engaging mixture of videos, slide shows, audio files, and interactive games that enrich the learning process. Students engage with multimedia elements and relevant content, encouraging a self-directed journey to academic success.

Step-by-Step Success

To support the academic success of each individual, all students are regularly quizzed and tested as they progress through Odysseyware Academy courses. With the exception of off-computer projects that require grading by the teacher, scores from online assignments, tests, and quizzes are automatically recorded and updated. Teachers, students, and parents can access this information at anytime. Students can progress to the following unit only after they meet preset mastery benchmarks.

Made to Fit

All children can learn when the appropriate conditions are met. Our online courses are created to engage students with diverse learning styles, so every child has the tools needed to succeed academically. Teachers can use courses as they are, add content to existing courses, create a course of their own, or combine different units for a hybrid course. Best of all, the learning pace and mastery benchmarks can be adjusted for each student individually, encouraging students to progress.

Developed by educators and trusted by hundreds of school districts, Odysseyware Academy offers courses in four core subjects and a variety of fascinating electives.

Comprehensive Curriculum Components:

  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • History & Social Studies
  • Science
  • Electives - including Foreign Languages

Benefits of Online Learning:

  • Complete Core Academics
  • Individual-focused Instruction
  • Mastery-based Lessons
  • Engaging Multimedia Elements
  • Integrated Subject Material
  • Alternative Education
  • Flexible, Customizable Courses
  • Accelerated Learning for Gifted Learners
  • Enrichment and Reinforcement Options
  • Student-paced Learning Environment
  • Anytime Access

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